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Happy wheels Full Version

If you are a fan of action movies and horror movies then Happy Wheels is the game for you. Launched since 2006 and over time, game Happy Wheels has become more famous and popular. If you are the player, the rule of this game is very simple. You only need to drive any available vehicles or you choose to go through the terrain and challenge to the destination that "alive". At first hearing, it seems simple; but to accomplish these simple tasks is not easy. Along with the vehicle which your character is equipped with, you will face lots of challenges such as encountering complex terrains (ramps, sometimes upright) and besides, you must overcome many obstacles that you will encounter along the way. With so many harsh challenges, the accidents that happen to your character certainly have "bloodshed". For those who are new to this game, accidents such as broken hands, broken legs, broken vehicles ... are unavoidable and the intense is even if you have an accident, you can not stop as well. The difficulty level even get higher and higher. Happy Wheels Full Version is a game like that: action with simple tasks but the implementation process is extremely harsh and especially, whether there are bloody accidents but not scary at all and vice versa, you will not be able to stop laughing while playing this game. The player will start Happy Wheels with the first main character is an old man equipped with a wheelchair. In the first level, the terrain that you have to overcome is the ladders. Your task is to control the character to pass all the ladders without being crash. Have you seen how difficult the challenge is? It is just the first one. And you will be very hard to guess what the next challenge you will face is. the only thing to know is that the difficulty only increase and not decrease. The first stage may be a bit tougher for beginners because they are not accustomed to buttons yet and so their response not quite fast. But this will no longer be a hindrance once you get used to them.

Happy wheels Full Version


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However, note that this game is an action game and will have some bloody horror scenes when the characters meet accidents. So, this is completely not a suitable game for kids.

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