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Happy Room

Cheerful Room is a to a great degree rough sandbox amusement planned by Anton Velmozhniy and Eugen Ocheret'ko, modified by Konstantin Shelest with workmanship made by Dmitry Nikolaev. In this diversion, your activity is to put numerous sorts of traps and weapons in a restricted room with the goal that it could make the most harm conceivable the test sham that is put amidst the room. The measure of harm from the traps and weapons will be checked by the fake's body parts like so : Head: most extreme measure of harm it can take: 750 Chest: most extreme measure of harm it can take: 1200 Arms: most extreme measure of harm each arm can take: 1050 Legs: most extreme measure of harm every leg can take: 1400 When beginning up the amusement, you'll be given an instructional exercise and will have 3 traps opened toward the begin. There are a sum of 11 sorts of traps and weapons alongside two or three different things, and at whatever point you make a specific measure of harm the sham, a particular trap/weapon will be opened. Keep in mind that you can drop the sham the same number of times as you need however each time you drop it, the harm counter will reset and not make any sense. One all the more fascinating component is that you are constantly given 3 targets to finish each time you drop the sham, and relying upon the goal, you can either get green money(use to purchase traps/weapons) or purple money(use to redesign traps/weapons). After you opened everything, the diversion's Sand-box mode will be opened also. In this mode you have each trap/weapon available to you and you're not limited to how much cash you have. The most luring thing about this amusement which is additionally what makes the trying for players is that each trap/weapon will have its own particular uses, positions, actuation range and cost. You'll need to attempt and influence the best blends of traps/weapons you to can think of with a specific end goal to bargain the most measure of harm conceivable to the sham. You can take a trap/weapon back or put it elsewhere on the off chance that you feel that the arrangement of it isn't appropriate, and when you take a trap/weapon back, you're given back the cash that you use to purchase said trap/weapon. In the event that you are into this sort of diversion, you can likewise play comparable amusements like Ragdoll Achievement, Mutilate A Doll 2…

Happy Room


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How To Play: This game only uses the mouse to play, you just click on the trap/weapon that you want to place from the game screen and place it where you want it to be. Tips and Tricks: When the dummy doesn’t receive any more damage, it stops moving. Always have a trap underneath the dummy and try to place as many bouncers as you can to bounce the dummy up so that it can continue receiving damage from other traps/weapons. The dummy will always move a certain way every time you drop it if you leave the traps/weapons as they are so that you can calculate where to put the next trap/weapon.

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