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Big Hero 6 Baymax Surgery

Baymax realy is a very popular character, he is a robot that was made to be a nurse, to treat and heal people and he doesn’t look scary or metalical at all, he is fluffy and very friendly and he loves playing with you. But in a funny turn of events he becomes a superhero together with Hiro, they are a team, so now Baymax is trying to help Hiro to save other people in need in the city, and they are realy busy. That is exactly the reason why Baymax ends up so injured in this particular game and he realy needs your help because even though he is a robot and even though he has medical skills, he can’t apply them on himself. So come and be very careful at the instructions you are getting and then treat Baymax so he could be a hero again. Good luck!

Big Hero 6 Baymax Surgery


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