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Animator v Animation Game: SE

Upon first starting the game, you can choose between whether you would like to be the oppressive animator or (if it's unlocked) the rebellious animation, itself. The animation aspect of this game (and character) comes in the form of a simple stick man. You use the tools on the left of the screen to combat the stick man, if you choose to be the invisible animator. You basically try everything in your creative power to harm the stick man (if playing the role of the animator) by inflicting damage, which equates to you earning points per damage that you inflict upon his person. The way that you inflict said damage really varies. It depends on your weapon of choice. In the case of this game, you don’t play with a regular hand to hand or gun type weapon. Once starting the game, you can choose from a decent number of attacks on the left side of the screen. These come in the form of computer buttons that you would normally see on an animation creation software, such as Adobe after Effects. They’re basically the “tools” that you would normally use to edit, or even draw 2D animation images with. Animator vs Animation is created by AtomGames. It’s hosted on a few websites though, one of which is, a decently known website that is known for hosting such unique online games. Before beginning the game, after choosing your role, you are presented with the choice of your ideal difficulty of game play. The easiest game playing difficulty is titled “victim”, which is suggested for beginners to the game. The second level of difficulty is “killer”, which is a step up from the easiest difficulty. In killer, the opposing AI player will be a little more difficult to defeat. The third level is called “beast”, which gives you a good idea of how much harder it starts to get. Then the hardest level is titled “the chosen one”. By the time you reach this difficulty, you should be a seasoned Animator vs Animation player. If you’re willing to take on this type of difficulty, you should be comfortable with the controls and quick with the mouse. Some of the weapons to choose from are creative in design. When you click on the paint bucket symbol, you can continuously click over the stick man and it’ll make drops which form into a black puddle. This causes the stick man to slip on the created puddle, which gives you time to choose from the other pieces of arsenal. When you click on the pen tipped icon, you can create two points by clicking two different areas, which create a line from two small, black squares. You can then click and drag the line created, to use it as a way to whack at the stick man. Much like a sling shot effect. This is just a few of the many different types of weapons that you have available to combat your enemy. No registration is required for the game, too. It’s completely free to play from the website mentioned.

Animator v Animation Game: SE


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